PoliTree Dev Update: May 2021

The following is part of a larger series discussing the ongoing development of PoliTree, an attempted political-compass killer which has been way too long in the making. To find out more, visit the introduction.

Was originally planning to wait until the end of June to write this, but I realized there’s probably enough I’ve completed since March to warrant a relatively minor update.

  • We are now up to 21 out of 32 completed sets of the filter questions. Currently a good chunk of the remaining are half-done, where I’m simply stuck on finding a final lead in order to complete them.
  • The more important news is that I finally ported the site and its manual to my own personal domain/server. I most likely will permanently migrate to here once the site’s eventual code overhaul is completed, since using GitLab for all the hosting is rather unwieldy.
  • The manual now runs on MkDocs, there’s a nice selection of extensions which I may look into implementing should I ever need it.

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