PoliTree Dev Update: November 2020

The following is part of a larger series discussing the ongoing development of PoliTree, an attempted political-compass killer which has been way too long in the making. To find out more, visit the introduction.

I’m getting busier, so expect updates every few months from here on out as opposed to every month. So far, no new filter questions have been completed (although there’s a few sets which I have started on and am hoping to finish by the next update).

However, during this time, there have been two ideas floating in the back of my head, it’s just a question of how and whether I should implement them.

Starting with the simpler one, it would be adding a sort of “Radical Democracy” branch to the Populist leaf. This branch would cover things such as consensus democracy, participatory democracy, and so on, filling the space that used to be covered by the Third Position leaf. Question is what to call it, and whether or not it truly even warrants its own branch, as opposed to just implementing some of the stuff into other branches.

Second is a lot more of a drastic change, and that would be overhauling how the filter questions are done. What I’ve noticed is that a lot of these sets are me rephrasing the same question and it makes it difficult to come up with them. My thought was that instead of doing a combination of Yes/No questions, I present two passages for people to read (each providing their respective branch’s stance on a central question) and asking the user which one they agree with more. However, while I think this could solve the issues that are causing progress on the filter questions to come to a crawl, I think it also has the potential to exacerbate them:

  • Difficulty with applications to certain branches
  • Ensuring the questions are something the end-user can be expected to have developed an opinion on

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