PoliTree Dev Update: April 2020

The following is part of a larger series discussing the ongoing development of PoliTree, an attempted political-compass killer which has been way too long in the making. To find out more, visit the introduction.

April was an unexpectedly productive month for the project. Starting with the minor changes:

  • Post-Left branch got reworked into New Left
  • References for the majority of branches were redone
  • The Monarchist branch was completed
  • The “schools of thought” idea has been implemented; branch pages have been given a section listing real-world ideological currents
  • Cleaned out junk files and properly organized the resources folder

The two major changes for this month is the overhaul to the manual/FAQ and the progress made on the filter questions.

Beginning with the manual:

  • The link to the quiz itself has been removed, as it was causing too much confusion. The quiz is long outdated and it remaining accessible misleads people into thinking otherwise.
  • I’ve begun rolling the manual into a GitLab wiki-page. It’ll be easier to edit and will create less clutter to the site itself.
  • Another reason I am doing this is because one of the long-term plans is to rewrite the HTML from scratch once the methodology is fully laid out. Currently the code is rather messy and chaotic.
  • I may or may not self-host the rewritten site, depending on whether or not a static page (which GitLab offers) is a hindrance to the site.

The filter questions have been developed for both the Progressive and Proprietarian branches, and the layout should follow the below template:

Filter Questions version 1

As for other long-term goals, I’m planning to implement the metadata pages I was considering following the site’s overhaul. For now the main priority is finishing the filter questions.

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