Throwing Soup at Paintings (Video)

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Very mixed feelings on this video. I originally intended this to be a short, topical piece meant to be finished in October. That in fact, did not happen. Eventually, I had the idea to turn it into a sort of gateway into larger discussions surrounding political action and this absolutely blew up the video’s scope.

Oddly it’s the videos with the most interesting topics for me that I flounder with the most and I suspect it’s because it just requires me to cover so much ground in a video where neither the format nor my willingness to spend time allows me to cover each base in full depth.

This video I took a few more risks, trying to make my writing style a bit more colorful rather than dry and detached, which either will make this hit harder or make me sound pretentious.

I also decided to use this as an opportunity to work out my editing style. The black and white w/ clicks you might recognize from earlier videos, and this time I managed to find a method which will allow me to draw over the video. Overall, I think there’s quite a lot of potential here. The video can subtly give context to my points, structure the video implicitly in a way where my constant breaking of flow seems less jarring since it’s masked by a switching video roll.

Either way, I plan to from now on return to smaller-scale videos for the short-term. This was a nightmare to make. My next video essay will likely not be on politics.

When I was picking out a thumbnail I found this and I won’t lie, it radiates a lot of powerful energy:

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